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About Me

New Jersey Based Astrologer, Cosmic Kait, About Me Birth Chart Readings

I am Cosmic Kait and just like you I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. My mission is: Self-Empowerment Through the Stars and my ultimate goal is to uplift, inspire and guide others. Astrology has brought me so much self-understanding and acceptance and I want to share that  gift with others.

I am a self-made & self-taught Astrologer. Like many others in this profession, I feel like it choose me.

When I am not interpreting cosmic energies, you can find me sitting in the grass with my journal and tarot cards or cleansing my crystals while doing yoga.

​Unlock your potential, soul lessons and path forward. Book a chart reading with me!

My Story

Around the time I graduated college I realized I had a talent and affinity for writing. I got my start in the blogging world, covering everything from fashion, beauty, entertainment & food in search of my niche. I bounced between marketing and customer service feeling lost about what I should do for a career— the typical journey of a Pisces MC like me.

In 2017, I had a personal spiritual awakening, and started to get deeper into Tarot, Astrology, crystals and other esoteric practice. Around the time of my Saturn Return the world shut-down. Out of work & way too much time on my hands I turned to Astrology. I wanted to understand it, like really understand it. So I gave myself a crash course, with every piece of reputable content I could find. After this I pitched a monthly horoscope column to the New Jersey Digest, and they were practically a hit from start.

After I started writing horoscopes, it became clear that Astrology was more than just a niche. It wasn’t long until I dove into the art of Natal Charts. Since then I’ve become a Astrologer, grown in my personal practice & knowledge rapporteur. I am a student of David Palmer’s (The Leo King) & I’m currently in the process of completing his online master classes. Through-out my journey I have also learned a lot from Chris Brenan’s Astrology Podcast. I highly recommend his content to anyone looking to dive deeper in Astrology (especially Hellenistic.) He has a lot of knowledgeable guests and is such a treasure trove of information. I also like to regularly attend Kepler’s webinars, which are great free tools for furthering your astro-education. .  

New Jersey Based Astrologer, Cosmic Kait, About Me Birth Chart Readings
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