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Unlock Your Potential.

Recognize your unique gifts & talents.

Understand yourself, circumstances & patterns.

Self-confidence through the guidance of Astrology.

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Through the craft of writing and birth chart readings, my ultimate goal is to help others empower themselves through the stars! When you understand how you operate; the tools, talents and qualities that lay within and your overall drive and purpose in this life: You become one unstoppable force! Part of living the life of your dreams is understanding your cosmic makeup. Since destiny has led you to this page... Book A Consultation or check out my Published Work.

I have been practicing Astrology for the last 3.5 years. My insights can be found at the New Jersey Digest & I got my start writing horoscopes & it didn't take long to get into the art of Natal Charts. I'm currently offering 45 min. consultations for the low cost of $45. 

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Stars In A Jar

These talismans were charged under special planetary alignments. There are filled with crystals, stardust (a.k.a glitter) & celestial energy! Each jar comes with a card that contains information about the jar & planetary cycles to work with.

Available on Etsy!

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