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Birth Chart Consultations

If you know how to read the map or instruction manual, then you're already set up for success. That’s where the birth chart comes in. Past, present and future all at once. Strengths and weaknesses, talents and faults, lessons to learn, relationships and fate/destiny lie in the birth chart. I want to help you unlock potential and reach a greater level of self-awareness and self-empowerment through the stars. In case you haven’t heard, we are in fact made of stardust.

My current reading availability is Wednesday's from 4pm-7pm & Thursday's from 3pm-6pm. If these days & times don't work, please reach out as I can be flexible. All readings are done virtually via Skype or IG Video Chat. For the most accurate readings please provide your exact birth date, time and location.


I am conducting all services on a donation basis. While I have been reading charts for 2 years, I am still new to openly practicing and it's important that I give quality readings. The suggested energetic exchange is what I feel is fair compensation for not only the time and energy put into the consultation, but the time, energy & resources it took to learn these techniques & obtain this knowledge. I aim to be affordable -- So pay what you can or what you feel the reading was worth (a little more than the suggested price is always & forever appreciated.) No pressure! My ultimate goal is to bring you a deeper and cosmic understanding of yourself.

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